PT. Cakrawala Automotif Rabhasa

Established in 2003, PT Cakrawala Automotif Rabhasa (PT CAR) is the eighth Authorized Mercedes—Benz Dealer in Jakarta is committed to providing the highest quality First Class service to all Mercedes-Benz customers.


To ensure this commitment is adhered to, the management system of PT CAR has been audited and certified by PT TUV International Indonesia, German Certification Company. .


PT CAR’s basic philosophy is that Each Mercedes—Benz customer is a unique individual who deserves special attention and the highest quality of Service". No matter what brings you to PT CAR, either for servicing or buying a new vehicle, rest assure that you will get the value and integrity unavailable elsewhere


Dealer of The Year

- Dealer of The Year 2006
- Dealer of The Year 2007
- Dealer of The Year 2008
- Dealer of The Year 2009
- Dealer of The Year 2016

ISO Standard

PT CAR is the only Authorized Mercedes—Benz Dealer IS0 9001:2008 certified in South East Asia.
The performance of the entire staffs is measured according to ISO standard and integrated to the Balance Score Card designed to monitor, evaluate and improve their service performance levels, primarily concerning about customer satisfaction.