Corporate Solution & Promo

Fleet Customer - Commercial Account From Mercedes-Benz

A. Small & Medium Commercial Account.

- Non 50 Top Indonesia Companies pre-defined by MBDIna.

- Discount is valid for a minimum purchase of 2 (two) units.

- No signed agreement with MBDIna.

- Valid for private-owned & state-owned company.

- Higher discount amount can be granted if more vehicles are       purchased in a single transaction.

- SME Fleet Discount may be granted for 2nd unit purchase if the 1st unit purchase was registered under Company Name within 12

months period. Discount will only be granted for the 2nd unit onwards.

B. Large Commercial Account (National Framework Agreement - NFA)

Fleet customers/companies pre-qualified by MBDIna that fulfils several criteria below:

- Limited only to 50 Top Indonesia Companies.

- Applicable starting for the first unit after an Agreement has been made between the customer, dealer and MBDIna.

- Higher discount amount can be granted if more vehicles are purchased in a single transaction.

- Fleet Department will regularly monitor NFA Fleet Discount to ensure a better benefit for NFA customer. Any changes in NFA customer discount will be announce to dealer through SM Bulletin.

C. International Commercial Account.

- Multinational Companies that has subsidiary company in Indonesia.

- Agreement signed with Mercedes-Benz Group AG (Germany).

- Listed companies will be communicated by MBDIna through SM Bulletin.

D. Taxi Company.

-Vehicles sale directly from MBDIna to end customer.

E. Leasing Company.

- Vehicles purchased for operating lease and buying option available at the end of contract period.

- All vehicles must be registered under leasing company name.

- Sales Agreement must be signed between MBDIna and Leasing Company. Without Sales Agreement then the discount level refer to SME Fleet Discount

F. Daily Rental Companies.

- Fleet companies purchase vehicles as rental operations.

- All vehicles must be registered under Daily Rental company  name.- Sales Agreement must be signed between MBDIna and Daily Rental Company. If a purchase is conducted without Sales Agreement, then the discount level must be referred to SME Fleet Discount