Mercedes-Benz Accident & Breakdown Assistant

What do I do if something happens? Who do I contact if there is damage? Who is available to help at short notice? Mercedes-Benz helps. Simply request assistance by pressing the appropriate button in your Mercedes or making a call and we will support and assist you in the next steps.

Mercedes-Benz Service Hotline: 1 5000 50

Be it a minor breakdown or severe damage: our skilled contacts are here for you 24/7. They will assist you with all issues relating to potential damage and will organise customised measures for you. From personal, on-site assistance to organising the remainder of your trip and ideal repairs to your Mercedes. Everything from a single source – everything so you stay mobile and relaxed.

The matching solution for any issue.

"Arranged to go to a party and caught up in a collision? What can I do?"

Mercedes-Benz helps.

Even damage after a collision and major accident damage is carefully rectified by experienced Mercedes-Benz specialists: thanks to accurately matching methods that meet the requirements and demands of the material and with special manufacturer expertise. Consequently your Mercedes will technically and visually remain an original. You will receive a Mercedes-Benz Repairâ„¢ certificate to verify the special repair quality.