Integrated Service Package (ISP)

For your peace of mind

Your Mercedes-Benz is not only the safest and most comfortable car on the road, but also one of the most technically sophisticated ones. To make your driving more enjoyable, your Mercedes-Benz comes with an ISP as a standard. Thus, you can always continue your journey immediately and the rest becomes our task to serve you.

The ISP means free service maintenance and repairs for the first 3 years without mileage limitation, from the first registration date (Date of New Vehicle Delivery Certificate) of your Mercedes-Benz. This comprehensive service package comes with every new Mercedes-Benz passenger car as a standard.

The ISP entitles you to:

- Free parts replacement, service, maintenance and repairs of your Mercedes-Benz at no cost subject to certain conditions
- You will enjoy carefree driving and there are no unpredictable service costs.
- High and uniform service quality from the authorized Mercedes-Benz Service Centers.

Please visit our authorized Mercedes-Benz Service Centers at any of your convenient time.

With a highly trained and dedicated team, complete tools and sophisticated diagnostic equipment, we are ready to serve you and your Mercedes-Benz.

Your Mercedes-Benz will be kept in an excellent condition because the authorized Mercedes-Benz Service Centers carry out the regular service and maintenance as well the repairs with original Mercedes-Benz spare parts by specially trained and certified technicians.