The New CLA.       

Play by your rules.

The new CLA is designed to suit you perfectly. Its gleaming diamond radiator grille, muscular shoulders and wide rear end really catch the eye. And draw you in.

Like no other coupé as there is no other you. 

One feature evident when viewed from the side in particular is the front end with the elongated bonnet slanting slightly but dynamically forward. Particularly resplendent when viewed from the front: the diamond radiator grille sparkles elegantly with its filigree design. Not a face like any other, but the face in the crowd.

This is what freedom feels and looks like. The doors are frameless, making them appear inimitably light and elegant. Not many cars have them, but all legendary coupés do.

If we had to name a design feature that best characterised the new CLA, it would be the muscular shoulders stretching from the front wheels to the sculpted rear end.

The Widescreen Cockpit consists of two HD displays beneath a continuous glass surface. The right media display is a touchscreen that shows all infotainment contents and vehicle settings. On the left is a classic instrument cluster. But it is classic in name only. It is fully individualisable thanks to a range of display styles.